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Why Talizi


Minimal loss of follicles during transplantation process.
3000 - 6000 grafts (follicular units) in 3-6 hours in case of necessity.
Transplantation is performed virtually without bleeding and pain.
Our clinic is the only one using automatic electronic hair count system.
Particularly refined modification of  Sharpoint microblades 0.16 mm wide.
Close positioning of recipient sites without damage of existing hair roots.
More than 100 hairs per 1 cm2.
Price of one transplanted strip follicular unit in “Talizi” is 1.5 Euro.
Fue unit transplantation price of one follicular unit is 2.50 Euro.
Member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.
Talizi is one of the world leaders in hair transplantation .

Talizi Surgical Prices 1.50 per graft

Talizi is recognized as one of the most advanced hair transplantation clinics in the world with consultation and surgical procedures available in: Korea Israel Lithuania Russia Ukraine Ireland Georgia United Kingdom